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Pharmacist's Remedy is based in Irvine, California.

We are now proud to introduce Nip-Ita range of health and wellness products

that are inspired by nature and developed by our Pharmacist/CEO.

We aim to share the Earth's many secrets to give you the purest 

and most effective ingredients.

We have created a range of products that follow the philosophy of:

Prevention - because prevention is better than a cure.

Natural Ingredients - creating a balance between what Mother Nature has to offer and what science can deliver.

Earth Friendliness - creating a sustainable environment for ourselves and our future.




We currently ship to all 50 United States.

Contact us for international shipping options.

To provide the best possible products to you our range is under constant development.

Check back regularly for updates on our expanding line of products. 

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Product Image

Nip-It Throat Spray - Original 2oz.

Do you have a cold? Feel a cold coming on? Nip-It!

Nip-It Throat Spray features B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, aloe vera and a proprietary blend of natural herbs. Nip-It tastes great and it's effective. Nip-It also:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Begins to work on contact
  • Challenges cold, flu, and sore throat symptoms
  • Has a pick-me-up effect
"Nip-It is wonderful! I couldn't survive the cold season without it."
- Jane D, Los Angeles

Price: $9.95