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About Us


Dr. Afrouz Nikmanesh, Pharm.D.

How much do you value your health?

We believe the answer is that your health and the health of
your loved ones have no price tag and therefore our philosophy
aims to protect this very invaluable asset. Our products are formulated based
on the belief that natural remedies can be used to effectively treat a range of illnesses.

Since such remedies are more in sync with the natural healing abilities of the human body using the right natural remedy, if taken at the first signs of a problem, or physical symptoms could help the body’s own healing mechanism. The proven efficacy of natural remedies alongside other facts such as being inexpensive, having no chemicals, and much fewer side effects, if any at all, have led us to create our line of products.

Whether fighting a cold or preventing scars from forming, natural remedies can help if used correctly and regularly. Pharmacist’s Remedy knows just which ones to use and for what purpose. Nature has much to offer, let us help you embrace it.



Our People


Afrouz "Alex" Nikmanesh, Pharm.D. - CEO

A licensed pharmacist with over 15 years of experience,
Dr. Nikmanesh brings knowledge and inspiration to the
Pharmacist's Remedy range of products.

She believes in Prevention, Nature, and being Green. Nature has much to offer, she says, and this is why she focuses on using natural ingredients and incorporating the science of some synthetic materials, that have proven to help with the healing process.

When family and friends would remark that she never seemed to be sick, despite being around ill people everyday, Alex's response was "I nip it in the bud!". Later on that belief led Alex to begin Pharmacist's Remedy to share her secrets to health, with Nip-It Throat Spray leading the way.

Christina Lolachi, PA-C - Advisory Board

Christina Lolachi is a senior Physician Assistant in the Department of Anesthesiology and pre-operative care at a major California university. Christina has worked in the medical field for over 10 years and involves herself in research dealing with pain management. Christina completed her undergraduate work at the University of Colorado and continued her education at the University of Houston and Stanford Medical Center. Christina has lived in and traveled to all corners of this planet, and the diverse knowledge gained is apparent in her work. Christina is a true believer in using all available avenues to treat illnesses, especially effective natural remedies, and this philosophy is clearly visible in the way she approaches patient care.

Corey Hollis, D.C.- Advisory Board

Corey owns and operates a physiotherapy studio that achieves optimal health for patients through a mind and body approach; striving to attain optimal health through nutrition, physical exercise, appropriate dietary supplements, and a positive approach to managing daily stress. Corey believes that an imbalance of any of these components leads to an overall deterioration of the body making it susceptible to illness and injury. In fact, a reactive healthy body should be the goal of everyone who wants to create optimal health. When vitality is raised, the body then has the necessary energy for proper function, and can naturally react to both internal and external stresses. When necessary to treat the body for illness, the more natural and holistic the product the easier it is for the body to utilize and return itself to a healthy balance.

Ike Malik, Pharm.D. - Advisory Board

Ike is a licensed pharmacist practicing in southern California. He provides an overview of Pharmacist's Remedy’s products alongside his daily patient care and consultation roles. He believes in the fundamental philosophies of natural remedies where appropriate and applicable, while achieving an optimal state of health through a range of personal practices such as diet, mental well-being, and exercise.

Jason Berg, Pharm. D. Advisory Board                                                                                                                                            
Jason is a licensed pharmacist practicing in Southern California. His goal has always been to pass on his philosophy of prevention being the best medicine to his patients and strongly believes in using resources that nature has to offer. "If a cold can simply be nipped in the bud with natural remedies," Jason says, "why take a chance with anything else."