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We enjoy connecting with our loyal customers and answering
questions about our products. Please fill out the form below
to contact Pharmacist's Remedy.

For product related questions we can be reached at 1.888.869.0479 during normal business hours.

"I tried Nip-It and I could feel the effect straight away!"
- Tony C, United Kingdom
"The taste is so much better than I expected, and it worked for me."
- Zohreh N, Seattle
"Thanks for making Nip-It - it saved my week."
- Johnnie, Los Angeles
" I used the cream after undergoing surgery and now the scar is hardly noticeable.
I love it so much I use it every day as a face and body moisturizer."
- Sherry, Orange County

Feedback received from customers may or may not reflect your own experience. Try our other products for yourself and always follow the directions on the bottle.

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